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  1. Makeup Bags

    Makeup Bags

    CB Station’s Makeup Bags In searching for the perfect makeup bags, what types of characteristics come to mind? For us, we generally envision something easily customizable, whether it be for a monogram of your initials, a custom logo or icon embroidery, or a nice sized space for a heat transfer or screen printed design. We look for quality materials, bold...
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  2. Canvas Tote Bags

    Canvas Tote Bags

    CB Station specializes in the design and construction of high quality, heavy weight cotton canvas tote bags, travel accessories and home goods. What is Canvas and Why Does it Matter? In short, Canvas is a remarkably sturdy, plain-woven fabric made from cotton. When used to make tote bags, its natural heavyweight properties make for a long-lasting product with the ability...
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  3. Valentine's Day Gift Bags

    Valentine's Day Gift Bags

    Valentine's Day Gift Bags Looking for a unique way to make your Valentine’s Day gift extra thoughtful without breaking the bank? Personalize your sweetheart’s name, monogram initials, or a favorite icon onto a cute canvas tote bag! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to get wrap your head around the best practical and affordable, yet unique and...
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