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  1. Graduation Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

    Graduation Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

    Graduation Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime Graduation season is right around the corner, and we have the latest essentials to send them off to campus in style! From doing their own laundry to weekend trips and planning their own meals, there is a lot to prepare them for before they arrive on campus. This list of classic and sustainably...
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  2. Personalized Graduation Gifts

    Personalized Graduation Gifts

    Personalized Graduation GiftsWhat better way to celebrate a time of great accomplishment such as a loved one’s Graduation than with a unique personalized gift or full luggage set from CB Station? Whether they’re completing high school and embarking on the next chapter in their life away at college, or finishing their degree and launching the beginning of their career, we...
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  3. Laundry Duffel

    Laundry Duffel

      What is a Laundry Duffel? A Laundry Duffel bag is a convenient way to tote clothing (clean or dirty) from one location to another with ease. Commonly used in a college setting, laundry duffels are a dorm or residence hall necessity, or really useful to anyone who might be making frequent trips to and from the laundromat. Our canvas...
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