Round Bottom Storage Tub Small Nautical Navy

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  • wholesale-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-sealife-mint-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==wholesale-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-sealife-mint-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==|
    Round Bottom Storage Tub Small Sealife Mint
  • wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-khaki-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-khaki-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==|
    Waxed Canvas Round Bottom Storage Tub Small Khaki
  • wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-olive-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-olive-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==|
    Waxed Canvas Round Bottom Storage Tub Small Olive
  • wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-rover-yellow-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-rover-yellow-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==|
    Waxed Canvas Round Bottom Storage Tub Small Rover Yellow
  • wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-slate-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==wholesale-waxed-canvas-round-bottom-storage-tub-small-slate-bag-9-h-x-10-diameter==|
    Waxed Canvas Round Bottom Storage Tub Small Slate
  • 9" H x 10" Diameter
  • 2.70 lbs
  • 16 oz
  • Open Top, No Closure
  • Round Bottom Self Standing Storage
  • Thick Canvas Handles for easing toting around
  • Featuring Grey Stripe Pattern Inside
These Natural Printed Patterned Round Bottom Storage Tubs are perfect for neatly storing all of your little odds n' ends large or small organized! Use them to hold sewing supplies, tool, makeup, toiletry items, or really anything else you need readily available but also stylishly put away. This is a great organization accessory for your home, office, art studio, bathroom, or baby nursery.

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