Garment Bag Natural & Hot Pink

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MSRP: $59.99

Product Color:

  • wholesale-garment-bag-black-bag-3-handle-drop-2-inside-zip-p==wholesale-garment-bag-black-bag-3-handle-drop-2-inside-zip-p==|
    Garment Bag Black
  • wholesale-garment-bag-gray-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==wholesale-garment-bag-gray-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==|
    Garment Bag Gray
  • wholesale-garment-bag-natural-bag-3-handle-drop-2-inside-zipper-pocket==wholesale-garment-bag-natural-bag-3-handle-drop-2-inside-zipper-pocket==|
    Garment Bag Natural & Navy
  • wholesale-garment-bag-navy-bag-3-handle-drop-2-inside-zipper-pocket==wholesale-garment-bag-navy-bag-3-handle-drop-2-inside-zipper-pocket==|
    Garment Bag Navy
  • wholesale-garment-bag-pink-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==garment-bag-hot-pink==|
    Garment Bag Hot Pink
  • wholesale-waxed-canvas-voyager-garment-bag-khaki-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==wholesale-waxed-canvas-voyager-garment-bag-khaki-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==|
    Waxed Canvas Voyager Garment Bag Khaki
  • wholesale-waxed-canvas-voyager-garment-bag-olive-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==wholesale-waxed-canvas-voyager-garment-bag-olive-bag-42-5-h-x-22-5-w-x-2-d==|
    Waxed Canvas Voyager Garment Bag Olive
  • 42.5" H x 22.5" W x 2" D
  • 3.40 lbs
  • 20 oz Canvas
  • Complete with two roomy inside zip pockets
  • Soft cotton web handles for comfortable carrying
  • Holds up to 2 garments
  • Full length center zipper for easy access
Protect your on-the-go wardrobe in style with this one of kind heavy duty canvas Garment Bag. Whether you're traveling with suits, dresses, or just clothes you Don't want to fold and cram in your carry on, this sturdy accessory is a must have. Complete with two roomy inside zip pockets to house your smaller accessories and soft cotton web handles for comfortable carrying, we surely thought of everything with this one. Pick up this natural canvas body Garment Bag with pink front stripe and accents before your next trip.

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