Boat Tote - Turquoise

4.9 /5 out of 550 reviews
"Just the set of bags you need, if you don’t have more than two hands, that is! The Boat Totes will be your can’t-live-without friends. But don’t take our word for it: with styling popular for nearly 70 years, you have to be older than most Baby Boomers to remember when this Tote wasn’t around . . . although we usually don’t use it to haul ice anymore! You’ll use the Boat Totes all the time, choosing the size bag you need and having more than just one when the need arises. After all, two hands can only carry so much, but they can carry a trio of bags! Here’s an important improvement over most totes today: • Ours has an inset zippered top and a handy hook for keys and front pocket for phone & ipod • Double reinforced bottoms stand up to your carrying challenges, with doubly-reinforced handles to match. All our benchmark quality touches to add up to a long-time relationship. • Want an open-topped bag? You’ve got it: just fold down the zippered top and voila! An open top Tote!"